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When asked what it means to be “beautiful” or “well,” most women would cite facial features, skin clarity, or physical fitness.

But a woman’s smile, and the confidence it brings her, are just as important to feeling beautiful. And as far as wellness is concerned, the health of the mouth is absolutely essential to the wellness of the body. A growing body of research, including publications from the journal Scientific American, the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association, suggests that poor oral health may play a role in a number of health problems such as diabetes, cancer, pregnancy complications, and heart disease.

And besides that, for a woman whose teeth are decaying or missing, even the simple requirement of getting her daily servings of fruits and vegetables becomes a challenge.

“Ultimately, the gums and bone that hold the teeth are the foundations of the mouth’s health,” explains Dr. Gordon Fraser of Cleland Periodontics, a periodontist specializing in dental implants.

While some women choose dentures or bridges for tooth replacement, many are now opting for dental implants, which are artificial replacements of natural tooth roots. Titanium implants attach firmly into the gum and jawbone, becoming quite solid. After replacement, the dentist then places a crown onto this artificial tooth root which looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.

Because dental implants are fixed in the jaw, there are none of the problems that are associated with removable appliances such as dentures and partials, including the slipping, irritation and pain that can accompany dentures. In fact, implants can also be used to anchor partial and full dentures.
Dr. Fraser has been trained as a periodontist in the placement of dental implants and surgical procedures limited to the oral cavity, including several years serving in the U.S. Air Force as a periodontist. Contact him at [info].


FAQ’s about Dental Implants

What are they?

Dental implants are titanium fixtures that actually replace the root part of a tooth. They are permanent.

Am I a candidate for implants?
If you are missing one or more teeth, you are a candidate for implants. If this is the case, ask your general dentist or see Dr. Fraser for an evaluation.

How are implants placed?
After a detailed, clinical examination to ensure you are a good candidate for implants, Dr. Fraser will work in conjunction with your general dentist to ensure your implant is placed safely and in the right location. The dental implants are always placed under local anesthetic, and may be placed using i.v. or oral sedation completed in the office.

What are some of advantages of dental implants?

1. More attractive appearance
2. Speech improvement.
3. Greater comfort.
4. Greater ability to chew food naturally.

How long do implants last?
With excellent oral hygiene and regular cleanings, your implant should last a lifetime.