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When Shonda Rose was looking for a child care program for her two year-old daughter back in 2002, she did what most parents do: her homework.

Living in Jackson, New Jersey at the time, Shonda researched all of the facilities in her area, looking for one that fostered academic excellence, had caring and nurturing teachers with experience and accreditation, and had open lines of communication between the owners, teaching staff and parents. Ultimately, her research led her to one of the Goddard Schools.

It turned out to be the perfect fit. Shonda’s daughter loved being at Goddard, and Shonda was thrilled that she was thriving and learning so much.  Shonda’s mother Laura Evans, a former teacher and assistant superintendent, was also very impressed by her granddaughter’s success.

When Shonda and her family began planning a move to Fayette County for 2007, her first impulse was to place her child in another Goddard School—but while there were many north of Atlanta, there were none south of the city.

So Shonda, with her business experience, and Laura, with her extensive background in education, decided to open their own. “We really wanted to bring Goddard’s successful model of early childhood development to Fayette,” Laura explains.

The mother-daughter team enthusiastically embraces Goddard’s high standards: excellent curriculum, caring and professional teachers certified in early childhood education, a safe and nurturing learning environment, and specially-designed programs for each stage of early childhood, from infant through kindergarten.

Part of Goddard’s success comes from its high standards for teachers, who are certified in early childhood or elementary education, or who are working toward their Child Development Associate’s Degree. Each teacher is required to complete at least 10 hours of training per year, and the student-to-teacher ratio is lower than the state’s requirement.

Another important requirement of Goddard is that the school’s owners remain on-site. This establishes open communication between the school’s director and its owners, and allows them to cut down on a lot of potential problems.

What’s also important to Goddard’s philosophy is that learning should be fun.  “In addition to a strong curriculum that is individualized to meet the needs of and bring out the best in each child, we integrate sign language, Spanish, and yoga to all ages, even the babies,” notes Laura.

The result is that Goddard’s students are extremely well prepared—even overly prepared—for the next grade level, as their parents will attest. “Our son, Bryson, has learned so much and gained valuable skills to prepare him for his school age years,” Candice Curtis says.  “Goddard fosters a positive learning environment for the children and continuous partnership with the parents.”


The Goddard School of Tyrone, GA

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The Goddard School located in Fayette County enhances the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of children from six weeks to six years of age. Its warm, loving atmosphere features a year round extended day program from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. They also offer after-school enrichment and summer programs for children up to ten years of age and cater to our families’ needs by offering both full time and part  time programs. They also provide catered lunches for those who do not wish to pack a lunch.  Visit www.goddardschool.com or www.goddardschool.com/Schools/Tyrone-GA/Schools.gspx for more information.