In Full Bloom

Advertorial for Andy’s Nursery, Fayette Woman, Sept 2009

Louise Nowling’s fascination with flowers began at an early age. “I was in my young teens, and my mother had some beautiful impatiens she’d grown that summer,” she says. “A few of our neighbors asked if they could have some, so my mother put me in charge of growing them and caring for them. That’s when I really first began to love flowers.”

Today, Louise is one of professional green thumbs at Andy’s Nursery, Fayette’s only family-owned and -operated independent nursery. At the Peachtree City location, she orders and organizes the plants, then fertilizes and cares for them. She also works with the customers, drawing on her talents and knowledge to help them to plan and maintain their own gardens. “I love working with them on color groupings of flowers, and I’ll sometimes talk about what I’ve done in my own garden and how it worked out,” she comments.

Like Louise, the other ladies who work at the four locations of Andy’s Nursery are extremely knowledgeable about gardening and love sharing their knowledge with the customers.

Donna Bannon, at Andy’s south Fayette location, is a master gardener and 12-year veteran of gardening and landscaping centers. While Donna loves being in charge of annuals and perennials, her favorite thing about working at Andy’s is the family atmosphere. “We have so many loyal customers here, you get to know them.” One of her specialties is container gardening, and she enjoys giving classes to customers and working with the Garden Club.

Jan Nauck, who started out as a landscape designer in the mid-1990s, also loves the teaching aspect of her work at Andy’s north Fayette location. Jan’s pleased that organic gardening has been especially in demand this year as many first-timers are trying to create their own backyard gardens. “The most rewarding thing is to work with a novice who’s afraid at first, and later see them walk out the door feeling totally confident and enthusiastic about starting their own backyard vegetable garden.”

And there’s Jean Barrow at Andy’s Corner Market, which carries local produce and local fresh-baked bread, as well as homemade gifts, like items for the house or garden, houseplants, homemade candles and purses. Like the other green thumbs, Jean loves the “really great personal relationships” with Andy’s regular customers.

For Louise, Donna, Jan and Jean, being resident experts at Andy’s is a natural extension of their interest, creativity, and passion for gardening. “I just love my job. It’s so much fun,” Donna says.