Lizard Thicket

Advertorial, Fayette Woman, December 2009

When you step into Lizard Thicket, your senses are immediately surrounded by the boutique’s warm colors. Its décor, both opulent and eclectic, is warm and inviting. Wrought-iron chandeliers hang overhead, while a scented candle flickers nearby, its cinnamon aroma encouraging you to relax and enjoy the experience. And everywhere you turn, beautiful clothes and chic accessories abound. For Southern Arc fashionistas, it’s a mecca of style.

While Lizard Thicket has long been a local favorite for stylish women who like playful, unique and spontaneous attire at very affordable prices, the recent expansion and renovation of the Peachtree City location will come as a pleasant surprise to both existing and new patrons.

For Lizard Thicket’s owner Sheri Waynick, being the proprietor of a fun-and-funky clothing boutique is just one of many blessings in her life. Sheri, a breast cancer survivor of nine years, believes deeply in the power of one person making a difference.

This partly comes from her background in working for non-profit organizations, where working closely with volunteers became a source of inspiration for her.

“Seeing so many busy people find the time and energy to give back to the community was amazing,” she says. “It really made me want to give back as well.”

She’s carried that ethos over into her business. Lizard Thicket, which was established in 1981, requires all of its employees to participate in giving back to the community. Sheri’s employees (whom she affectionately refers to as “my girls”) raise money for various organizations.

But Sheri and her girls are most proud of their involvement with Christian City’s Children’s Village, a safe haven for children in desperate circumstances, which they support through an annual fashion show. Sheri and her girls also visit the Children’s Village on a monthly basis. “We really love spending time with the kids there,” says Sheri. “The girls go and do a project with them, or sometimes just spend time together and talk.”

What Sheri knows, and what she is actively passing along to her girls, is that the more you give, the more you receive.

And when fashion-forward women stop by to explore Lizard Thicket’s charming apparel and accessories, maybe to pick up a pretty necklace as a gift for a stylish friend or an elegant sweater dress for the upcoming holiday celebrations, they can also feel good about supporting a business that truly gives back to the community.

“We are so, so blessed,” Sheri says. “And giving back to others makes us even more blessed.”