Off to the Races

Get Involved, Lifestyles Magazine, August 2008

Got your swimsuit? Check. Your bike? Check. Running shoes? Check. Cue the “Rocky” theme music. Da-duh, da-da-duh, da-da-DA, da-da-duh. Got it in your head? Bring it on— you’re ready for the Tri-Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon.

On Saturday, August 23rd, approximately 1000 athletes will assemble at Drake Field in Peachtree City for the 2008 race, sponsored by the Tri-PTC Club. Starting at 7:30 a.m., participants will swim .3 mile in Lake Peachtree, then bike 14 miles and run 3.1 miles along the city’s golf cart paths.

This is the sixth year for the Tri PTC Sprint, and it’s quickly become a major competitive event of the Southeast. When the race first started in 2003, there were 300 participants; last year’s race attracted 1000. The reasons for its success? “Athletes choose to do this race because it has everything a great race has: finishers’ medals to all athletes, a beautiful course, awesome volunteers, amazing awards, great post race food and excellent goodie bags,” race director Kim Bramblett says.

It may be the largest sprint triathlon in the Southeast, but don’t let that discourage you from registering. About half of the athletes competing each year are first-timers, and participants’ ages range from 12 to 85. As Kim Bramblett says, there’s nothing as thrilling as seeing a first-time racer cross the finish line.

If you’d like to take on the challenge of the triathlon, it may not be too late to sign up; check the Tri-PTC Club’s website at And you don’t have to be an Iron Man (or Woman) to enjoy the race, since the Tri-PTC Sprint depends upon the help of about 200 volunteers in order to run smoothly. For more details on competing or volunteering, e-mail [contact info].