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Special Advertising Section, Fayette Woman, July 2009

Dawn [ lastname ]  used to stand in her closet every morning and stare at the racks of clothing, depressed that none of them fit.

Nowadays, she has a different problem.  Over the past year, she’s lost thirty pounds and slimmed down by three clothing sizes.  Her new bummer? “I’m just depressed that I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe!” she says with a smile.

Dawn did not discover some miracle weight-loss pill; there were no “magic solutions” involved. But she did have some help.

Last spring, Dawn signed up with Operation Boot Camp, a 30-day outdoor fitness program led by professional and experienced instructors. Four mornings per week, she and the other “boot campers” met at Peachtree City’s Drake Field for guidance, encouragement, and instruction toward reaching their individual fitness goals.

Operation Boot Camp’s workouts are fun, intense and highly effective, with no yelling or intimidation—just lots of encouragement. With daily group discussions on making good eating choices— and not just what to eat, but when to eat it in order to fuel muscles and maintain energy—Operation Boot Camp holds its campers accountable for both fitness and nutrition, which maximizes its effectiveness.

The program is designed to jump start its campers’ progress, and as Dawn found out, the weight loss results come quickly for campers who follow through on their commitment.

Dawn enjoyed her results from Operation Boot Camp so much that she continued to sign up for more sessions.  “I’m somewhat addicted.  I get so much more accomplished and have a higher level of energy throughout the day now,” she states. And, in addition to making some great new friends and having fun, Dawn loves her new sense of confidence.  “Boot Camp has changed my life.”

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Basic Training on Operation Boot Camp

* A complete orientation and information that tells you everything you need to know so you can succeed.

* Professional, personable instructors trained to help you achieve results — no matter what your current fitness level.

* Genuine commitment and care about you and your needs.

* Varied and fun workout activities that keep you motivated and excited.

* Scheduled “fresh air” workout sessions at various outdoor locations.

* A personal day-to-day diary of your achievements and remaining goals.

* Enjoyable interaction with a supportive group of other “campers” just like you.

* Personalized coaching on attitude, nutrition and reaching your specific goals.

* Daily information/guidance to help you get the most out of Boot Camp.

* Monitoring of daily food intake to help you eat right to fuel results.

* A complete top-to-bottom makeover of your health and fitness perspective.