The Best of Both Worlds

Advertorial for Bella Medi-Spa, Fayette Woman, November 2009

Many women have heard of medical spas, but are uncertain of what they actually are.  As its hybrid name suggests, the medi-spa is related to both medical clinics and day spas, but is completely different from both.

For one thing, while true medi-spas are medical facilities, they are non-surgical, meaning they have no affiliations with plastic surgeons. This way there is no pressure to commit to invasive plastic surgery during the aesthetic consult.

And don’t let the “spa” of ”medi-spa” mislead you, either.  Typically, you will not find  traditional spa services such as haircuts, massages, facials, or manicures; the true medi-spa specializes in only those services that require doctor involvement and/or oversight.  In fact, “All State Compliant medi-spas should have a doctor on-site at all times,” says Dr. Anthony Lawson of Bella Medical Spa at Starr’s Mill.

What a medi-spa does offer is medically supervised, non-invasive treatments designed to enhance or restore cosmetic appearance. This can include injectible therapies or laser and infrared treatments.

“What makes a medi-spa so appealing,” explains Dr. Lawson, “is that clients looking for improvements in their appearance can receive treatments under the care of a doctor that are more effective than those under an aesthetician. The procedures are safe, with little or no recovery time, and there is no invasive surgery.”

At Bella Medi-Spa, Dr. Lawson offers Laser Services, Injection Services and Medical-Grade Chemical Peels.

“The laser services include laser and Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) treatment for safe, convenient,

and practical hair removal; IPL photorejuvenation to smooth fine lines (similar

to microdermabrasion) and remove sun spots and rosacea; laser and radiofrequency for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening, and Velashape, which is the only FDA-approved device for cellulite treatment and body contouring and is proven to show a non-surgical reduction in size.”

Dr. Lawson also offers Injection Services such as Botox, Restalyne/Juvederm, and Radiesse, which are all well-known and highly effective wrinkle treatments, as well as Vein Sclerotherapy for unsightly spider veins and Lipodissolution for reduction of the fatty deposits of the abdomen, arms, legs, hips and buttocks.

And while it’s true that certain day spas offer chemical peels, the ones at Bella Medi-Spa are considered to be medical grade, meaning that they are both highly effective and may be administered only under a doctor’s supervision.

Finally, Bella Medi-Spa offers its own medical cosmetic line, including skin cleansers, cell stimulators and serums, which are specially formulated to meet the individual needs of Dr. Lawson’s patients.

“At a medi-spa, patients receive state-of-the art medical cosmetic treatment for quick and excellent results,” he says. “It’s like the best of both worlds.”