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About Rainy

Ask anyone who’s met her, and they’ll tell you that Rainy Chastine is a force of nature.  For two decades she has photographed countless subjects, bringing the essence of the moment to light, creating timeless images that will be treasured and passed on.  Her personal vision of the artistry of photography is evident in all of her works, whether conveyed through the soft, warm hues and textures of a bella vita portrait or captured in the tender vulnerability of a sleeping newborn baby, bathed in sepia light.

Rainy has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of her subjects.  At heart she is a storyteller, intuiting the truth of a moment and revealing its transcendence.  When you look through Rainy’s gallery of images, you’ll see it.  There’s a hint of it in the shy, gently pleased smile of an expecting mother as she turns her gaze downward.  It’s in the expression on the four-year old boy’s face as he plays with a twig in the river—a moment captured where his curiosity is enlivened by the tiniest hint of mischief.  Or in the intensity of a young man’s eyes as he gazes toward the middle distance, contemplating both the challenges and possibilities that he will encounter in the life ahead.  It’s in the soft glow of bare skin, in portraits dramatized by light and shadow.  And you’ll find it in the contrast of subjects—the strength of a young man as he bestows a tender kiss upon the downy skin of his week-old baby.

Rainy’s accomplishments are the result of both innate talent and hard work.  Over twenty years ago, Rainy launched her career as a professional photographer in California.  She honed her craft on the West Coast for several years and, after marrying a native of Fayetteville, Georgia, moved to the area in 1990, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after photographers in the Atlanta area.  Several times a year, she puts her busy schedule on hold to attend additional training from the School of Photography at Texas A&M University, where she keeps herself apprised of the latest techniques in [specifics here ].   Her work has been recognized in some of the most prestigious competitions, garnering awards on both the national and international stage [specifics here].

Of the thousands of men, women and children she’s photographed over the years, she’s had many famous clients—from department store magnates to hip-hop stars, beauty queens and baseball players—but all who walk through her doors get the same “Rainy” treatment.  Energetic and entertaining during her sessions, yet dedicated and professional about her art, Rainy never fails to capture the moment.

Rainy also believes in giving back to the community.  As a board member for the local chapter of the United Way, she has been a major fundraiser and has personally donated 125,000 of the studio’s profits to the organization.  With her generous spirit and warm personality, her energy and vivaciousness, and her incredible gift for photographic artistry, Rainy creates photos that aren’t worth a thousand words—they’re priceless .